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About Us



  The company was born with the objective of bringing the best products from Portugal to the World. With its great grape production capacity, Portugal has a wide variety of types of wines spread across the country, divided into thirteen producing regions, producing a very wide variety and quality wines and recognized worldwide.

 Today our services are initially focused on the Netherlands and Brazil, where in this material we will present our suppliers and products, all products certified and approved in Portugal, we have already started the release with the local market, in order to streamline distribution.

The principle of our work is the trust and responsibility to make commitments and honor them, with a varied range of products and with very attractive prices, we would like to present the best of Portugal.

With a unique aroma and very recognized all over the world, we at Importugal decided to serve as a link between these great producers and companies, in order to bring the best Portuguese wine.



ZeeWijn is a wine expert who offers more than just conventional wines. Zeewijn means an online store and distributor with an exclusive range of products. Our goal is to offer our customers the best Portuguese wines, the best service with simple and secure online payment options. We are open to commercial partnerships.



All your favorite drinks delivered from a deposit. ZeeWijn, therefore, has no physical store for customers, but it does have a distribution center from where orders are sent to Holland and Belgium, for companies we have our doors open from Monday to Saturday. We provide fantastic and exclusive wines, directly from the producer, without expensive storage and transshipment.


Initially, ZeeWijn focused on selling brands (wines) unknown in the Dutch market but recognized worldwide, but the range is gradually being expanded with specialized and more exclusive arieties. From olive oil to wines, ZeeWijn tries to offer you the widest range of products possible. And if there is an Interesting product that is not yet on our website, we try to include it in our assortment. As a result, our wine variety is growing every day.


ZeeWijn focuses on customer satisfaction. In addition to low prices and a wide variety, we make everything possible to achieve an ideal level of service. We do everything we can to satisfy you as a customer, because we will only be successful if you are satisfied. This means that we want to offer you a reliable, comprehensive and secure shopping experience. In addition, we strive to have your order delivered the next day to a location specified by you. Fast, reliable and efficient, "what you see is what you get" is what we stand for at ZeeWijn. We do the job with personalized delivery for companies.

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