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Quinta da Ribeirinha dispositivo.jpg

Quinta da Ribeirinha

Welcome to Ribatejo. A landscape of olive trees and vineyards surrounding old villages and castles makes this region such a special place for winemaking.

The dry mediterraneam climate, the calcareous clay soil and the southward facing of the vineyards join in an unique terroir.

We combine innovation and technology with the experience and knowledge transmitted over generations. The rest is a lot of love and dedication to produce wines with character.

Wine is pasion. The way we do it is our secret, transmitted from generation to generation in our family. We invite you to meet the present generation!

The vines grow on integrated production system in which the use of chemicals is minimal, saving the environment and the human health.

The philosophy is: Making the best of what nature has presented us, to give life to memorable and excellent wines!

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