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Shipping Policy


Since your satisfaction is our concern, we have made every effort to notify you of your delivery in real time.

ZeeWijn delivers throughout Europe! We deliver with DHL and Post Nl.
The products are delivered to the address you specified on the order form.

We will deliver your order as soon as possible and keep you informed of the progress of the order. Within a few minutes of receiving your order, you will receive an email confirming that your order has been received. Your order confirmation contains instructions for accessing our online order status system. This system allows you to track your order at every stage of the process, from fulfillment to delivery to your door.

Our online order status system automatically generates tracking numbers for most orders. It also provides a handy link to the contracted carrier's website to see the status of your order in real time.

When your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with instructions to print your invoice directly from your own browser on a smartphone, tablet or computer. You can receive your invoice or receipt immediately.

For items in your order that cannot be shipped immediately or will be delayed due to the health crisis (COVID 19), we will notify you of the expected shipping dates for these items so that you can take appropriate precautions. You will receive regular e-mails with information about the status of items that are not in stock. And when items are shipped, we will automatically notify you by email and / or text message.

Delivery to the collection point or collection:

We deliver to the pick-up or shipping point of your choice (near your home, work or holiday location). Once your package has been picked up from the collection network, you can track your package at any time through your customer account.

You will be automatically notified of the arrival of your package at the selected relay by email and SMS. You can collect your package during the store's opening hours (these times will be communicated to you in your order confirmation by e-mail and can be accessed via your customer account). Your package will be handed over to you after signing and on presentation of proof of identity.

Your package will be delivered to the relay of your choice within 2 to 3 days (working days). You have 14 days to collect your package after it has been received by the relay. After this period it will be so.

Fast home delivery:

Once your package has been picked up online, you can track your package at any time through your customer account.

Depending on the value and size of your package, it will be delivered to you personally in your letterbox or at your post office (on presentation of proof of identity).
Your package will be delivered to your home within 2 to 4 working days. On islands and remote settlements it takes an average of 24 hours longer. If you are absent or if your package cannot be deposited in your letterbox, a delivery confirmation will be left so that you can pick it up at your post office.

Priority delivery:

Your package will be delivered the next day if you order before 2 pm for more than € 150 on the floor and in the room of your choice. The delivery staff offer the following services for you: With regard to compliance with the gesture barriers in accordance with the sanitary crisis (COVID 19)

Return the package for treatment and recycling
Quality control after unpacking
Commissioning with an existing and compliant installation
Installation to make the product operational

Delivery times

The delivery times that apply are the delivery times indicated when validating your order, taking into account your choice. They start running from the moment the order is shipped.

However, please note that orders paid by bank transfer will not be processed until payment is received. Availability and delivery times must be recalculated from the date this payment method is registered.

Delivery delay

In the event of a delayed delivery within eight working days of the shipment date specified in the e-mail “Track Shipment - Shipment Notice”, please contact our customer service. However, we invite you to contact your post office or collection point in advance.

Upon request, an investigation will be conducted with the carrier to locate your package. This survey can take up to 21 business days from the opening date. If the package is found within this time, it will be sent to your home as soon as possible (except for deliveries at the collection point). After this time, the package is considered lost.

Any delay in delivery must be reported to us within 21 business days of shipment to allow the carrier to perform a reliable check.
After the damage investigation has been completed, we will send you a replacement product (return at our expense) or refund upon request. If the ordered product (s) is / are no longer available, you will be refunded the amount of the product (s) concerned via the loss report confirmed by the carrier.
It is reminded that no refund or return of the product is possible until the investigation is completed.

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